Lanham Lawyers is a general law firm located in the western suburb of St Albans in Melbourne, Victoria.

Our Areas of Expertise


We know how traumatic separations can be and we are passionate about providing you with realistic & practical legal advice, about property settlements, child welfare issues or divorce.

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Estate Matters

Handling the estate of a loved one can often be more complicated and confusing than expected, or maybe you feel that you have not been properly provided for in a family member’s will.

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We have handled thousands of successful conveyancing transactions and offer competitive, flat rate fees – our honest pricing policy means you can be assured of no hidden costs.

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Civil Matters

Do you know your legal entitlements? If somebody owes you money, has breached a contract, caused damage to your property or you are having a fencing dispute with your neighbour – we can help.

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Intervention Orders

If you have concerns about your safety, an Intervention Order could help protect you and your loved ones from violence. We can also assist you with defending yourself against an Intervention Order application.

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Wills & Powers of Attorney

Life can be unpredictable, and deciding how your estate will be dealt with requires careful planning, discussing these matters can be hard – but is your future, and your families future secure?

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Contracts & Agreements

There are many different types of contracts and agreements, and we are experienced in negotiating and drafting a large variety of commercial documents to suit your individual needs.

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Criminal Matters

Have you been charged with any criminal offences? Our experienced team can help you navigate the criminal justice system, by negotiating pleas, completing bail applications or representing you at contested hearings.

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