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Conveyancing is the term used to describe the transfer of ownership of property from seller to buyer. You have the choice of doing the conveyance yourself, but you do so at your own risk. Alternatively you can appoint a conveyancer and solicitor to assist you with your conveyance.


We are experienced in assisting our clients with:

– Buying and selling business & properties;
– Subdivisions;
– Caveats; and
– Commercial and residential leases.


Whether you are buying or selling your home or investment property, we understand that it is one of the biggest commercial transactions you will make in your lifetime – Lanham Lawyers is the solution to your needs.


At Lanham Lawyers, we provide specialist attention to your conveyancing work, and have a close-knit team of conveyancers and solicitors who work together to ensure your rights are protected so that you are confident in your transaction.


Buying a house


Your solicitor will:


– check the title and plan of the land for easements, caveats, and other encumbrances
– do all the other usual searches
– inform you if these searches disclose any zoning and planning regulations or other restrictions affecting the property
– check for any disputes or other charges affecting the unit or townhouse (community title land)
– prepare all documents and make sure you gain good title to the property you are buying.


Selling a house


Before listing your property for sale with a real estate agent, speak to your solicitor about:
– making sure that any Warning and Disclosure Statements will be satisfactorily completed the inclusion of fixtures and fittings
– any alterations you have made to the property the date of settlement and, if relevant, the timing of any new home purchase
– any special terms which you want in the sale.


You also need to make sure you have installed a compliant fire alarm.


Before signing your contract, speak with your solicitor about this contract to make sure that all formalities have been complied with.

Up to the date of settlement, your solicitor will:

– check that all documents you are required to sign are in order
– ensure all outstanding government charges such as water rates have been paid
– arrange for the repayment and legal discharge of any mortgage on your property
– ensure you are paid in full for the property.




We are also able to assist you with the creation and renewal of commercial leases as well as disclosure statements.


Business Purchase and Sale


Our conveyancing staff are also qualified and experienced in the purchase and sale of businesses, including obtaining and transferring relevant permits, such as Liquor and Tobacco Licences.